Travi$ Scott was involved in a pretty wild fight following his show with Young Thug in Tuscon, Arizona this week. According to the accompanying fan video, Scott (in red pants) squared up with a fan who rushed him, and things didn’t end well for the guy. If you’re not from the hood, when a guy pulls up his pants before a fight, you know sh*t’s about to go down! Travi$ stays true to his Houston, TX roots and lands a right hook while dodging the fan’s swings, and even stomps the guy before he’s pulled away by security.

Watch the shaky fan footage below.



Lil Boosie‘s security team also had to throw hands with another out of line concert guest this week. A fan at Boosie‘s latest show in St. Paul, Minnesota was desperately trying to climb on stage to be near the rapper, when security gave him a knuckle sandwich and sent him packing. TMZ claims that the fan was “acting drunk” although he went ignored by Boosie, but not by his security team. The fan was later removed from the show entirely.