Fetty Wap has been on fire for the past few weeks, promoting his single “Trap Queen” at radio stations across the country. More famous than his music, however, is most likely his missing eye that has everyone so intrigued by the Paterson, NJ rapper. Unlike Slick Rick, Fetty Wap doesn’t cover his eye with a stylish patch, but preferred to confidently be himself, and let the mysteries build as to what could have possibly happened to him.

A lot of fans (myself included) has come up with the craziest scenarios that Fetty Wap could have lost his eye in, from a violent street fight or shootout (Paterson‘s not exactly Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood), to a wayward celebratory champagne cork (that one’s mine).

You won’t believe what really happened. Click below to find out!


Fetty appeared on Shade 45 yesterday to talk with DJ Self and DJ Superstar Jay, where he finally put the rumors to rest. He simply states for the record that he was involved in an accident as a child, which led to him developing congential glaucoma. Luckily, Wap‘s doctor was able to salvage one eye, and he says he’s “blessed” to still have his vision.