Famed recording artist Talib Kweli is amongst the thousands of protesters on ground zero calling for justice for Mike Brown who was unarmed when he was gunned down by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson. Brown was shot six times, including twice in the head.

Kweli alleges police are the real agitators behind the heated protests occurring in the Missouri town. The protesters, he said, are conducting peaceful protests.

Marching alongside activist and noted journalist Rosa Clemente, poet Jessica Care Moore, and members of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and Dream Defenders, Kweli and the group had a very real encounter with Ferguson police. 

Talib himself also released a statement on the situation in Ferguson.

“Although separated by thousands of miles, the plight of the people of Ferguson and the Gaza Strip share too much in common for people of conscience to ignore,” writes Kweli, “Michael Brown, an African American youth, could just have easily been a Palestinian youth mercilessly shot by an Israeli soldier.”

This all just within his first 24 hours on the ground.