blake-SS-14When I think about style, art comes to mind. I think individuality, creativity, confidence, and self-awareness. Fashion is huge industry. And Blake Scott is the west coats go-to influencer. Starting from nothing, no name in the fashion industry what so ever, Blake has made himself his into own brand. A force to be reckoned with. Not only a figure of stature when it comes to fashion on the West Coast, but a globally recognized voice on the matter. “The Scott Effect” a blog started by Blake Scott and his photographer/fiance Ashley E. The blog started under a different name. “Any and Everything LA.” The two detailed their travels around LA and their shared love of art which happened to include fashion. Noticing that it was the photo’s showing off his dapper sense of style. Blake turned it into full-time job. Waking up at 5 every morning to packages full of free items that brands would like him to review/advertise. From the point it was conceived, to today’s date. No matter the name, Blake has given the public quality content. Advice ranging from lifestyle, to fashion, to travel hot-spots. He’s taken something he was passionate about and turned it into a life long career, if that’s what he wants. And something says he does. Co-host of the popular YouTube channel, “The Gent’s Lounge,” which he co-hosts with brand ambassador George D. where together the two detail and promote every gentleman’s style must-have’s. Blake, is sure to find a healthy living in the multi-million dollar industry. And we all owe him thanks for sharing his perspective. And we owe his fiance an even bigger thanks for giving him the idea.

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