Quiñ is not what or who you think she is. She’s not what you’d want her to be, and for that reason, she is one of our most refreshing artists on this site. In the past, Quiñ has been a frequent collaborator with G-Eazy, and has even completed a project with NASA, proving just how out of this world her talents are.

Once you think you have her figured out, she slips away again in a “Sea of Space,” and you’re left wondering if you’d ever really grasped her at all. If the name of her boundless self-invented genre “Fantasy Soul” is any indicator, you’re better off just accepting the vibes if you find yourself enjoying Quiñ‘s presence.

Her name isn’t even what you’d think it’d be upon first glance. Noticing the tilde atop the “n” in her name, and being only slightly familiar with Spanish pronunciations, I had burned into my brain to pronounce it “Keen” At her show this past month at The Foundry, I learned from her single “I AM,” and from a special friend of hers (oh, just Mychal Kendricks of the Philadelphia Eagles, no big deal) that her name is actually pronounced “Quinn,” like my own moniker*.

After combing through her SoundCloud and YouTube account several times, I’d believed I had her pegged as a 1960’s California flower child who grew up on R&B/soul music, and had gotten lost at an EDM/trap party in outer space…but only in her mind. She’s all that, and infinitely more. She’s all that, and none of it. On stage, Quiñ is small, yet her confidence and presence are too enormous to ignore. Tough, and yes, very much a “B.B.” in her own words, she is also sweet, coy, and one gets a sense that she sees herself in another dimension — the very one that we get the smallest glimpse of in videos like the seductive “MATH,” and in her photos. Off stage, she talks to everyone who approaches her. She gives the tightest hugs, as if you two have made the most cosmic connection in her 20-minute plus set.

Wearing her sparkling beaded flapper cap shielding that closely cropped blonde ‘do, green sweatpants, and a funky sheer black & white kimono as her stage costume, you immediately see that Quiñ is here for no approval, but just here to do what knows to do best: be infinitely herself. In her music (and below), Quiñ knows who she is, what she wants, and what she doesn’t.

A lady who’s all about the art of creation, and the creation of art, Quiñ blessed us with a brief Q&A session after the event where she shared with us about her spiritual inclination, listening to her “big self,” and click here to find out just how she “glo’d up” to that awesome style of hers.

Read below & click through the media for all things Quiñ! Her upcoming album Dream Girl will be releasing this summer!


DTS MEDIA: You seem very spiritually-inclined. Talk about when you decided to start listening to your inner guide. Do you meditate?
I meditate whenever I can because I constantly have to be connected to the source. I started listening to my big self when I was 19 and my intuition showed herself. I was pushed away from everyone in my life at that time. I then moved away to West Oakland where I was able to free up space in my mind and meet myself in a way I never got a chance to do… because I was into school and my friends. Then my gifts started screaming at me so I decided to really listen. My mom would always say, “be yourself” like the Genie says from Aladdin [laughs] so that’s one of my mottos. My sisters and I’s first names all start with the letter B so that’s always been our little thing.

DTS MEDIA: Continuing with listening to your inner guide, you also seem to know where you do and don’t belong. Talk about the moment you decided to quit school and move with a family member to the Bay Area. What did your parents think?
Q: My mom supports all my decisions because she trusts how she raised us. When I said I wanted a one-way ticket to Oakland for my birthday, she made that happen for me and that changed my whole life. My dad always wanted me to go to school until probably now. I would always shut that conversation down. Once I understood my purpose, all that mattered was how to grow strong in it and to stay away from all distractions and doubtful conversations about “back up plans” and stuff like that. There is only one plan.

DTS MEDIA: With your music video “Math,” what was it like working with Calmatic? How hard is it for you to bring the visions in your mind on to a video treatment/describe what you want to a director, and be happy with the final result?
Q: I love working with Calmatic because he makes it easy. I styled the whole thing and he helps me bring it all to life.

DTS MEDIA: In another interview, you’ve been quoted saying you “didn’t want attention” when you were younger singing in choirs & around the house. Do you still feel weird about that while performing?
Q: I’ve mastered the fear of the introvert and the extrovert in me, not that there isn’t always more to master. Now, I’ve really found a place for all that energy, which I put into believing in myself. I understand that this is very much not about me, it’s about the messages I have for the world. Once you take yourself out of the equation and have a better understanding of why your mind and body work the way they do, you create a confidence that can never be swayed.

DTS MEDIA: We know you love Celine Dion! Did you watch and sing the Titanic theme song endlessly as a kid?
Q: Celine was the first voice that really blew my mind when I was really young. Beyond Titanic, it was the tape, Falling Into You, which started it. Once the Titanic came out, I was definitely right there with the full soundtrack singing every string. Besides, Leo[nardo DiCaprio] so, yes- favorite movie ever! I was eight.

DTS MEDIA: You’ve described your songwriting process as using syllables & rhythm patterns to complete a song, which is similar to how rappers freestyle and write songs. Have you ever considered putting some of your own raps into songs?
Q: When things need to be spoken, I’ll speak, and I’ll rap when I want. It’s fun, and freestyling is my favorite. To be that present in a moment where you can use words and feelings to actually rhyme and make sense will never not blow my mind. I’m super grateful for that ability.

Special thanks to The Chamber Group, The Fillmore, The Foundry, Mychal Kendricks, & Quiñ.