JohnG. Beats is one of the most influential underground producers of this generation. He’s already laced tracks for Curren$y, Juvenile, and Dizzy Wright. So why haven’t you heard of him?

DOWNLOAD: JohnG. Beats – Instrumental View [Album]

In an exclusive interview with Damaging The Streets, JohnG., originally from Miami, FL, now residing in Ottowa, CA, spoke to us about his newest and proudest venture — producing on the latest Underachievers album — , the process of building his brand as a producer, and how he keeps such a level head throughout the craziness and ultimate uncertainty that is the music industry.


On Working With The Underachievers:

“It was just fate. About two years ago [producer] Young Zoe put me onto them. He said, ‘Man you gotta listen to these guys.’ I checked [them] out, and I became a fan after that.

One thing about me, is that even if people aren’t all the way established, I can always see the future for them. I always see the potential, no matter how new something is [to me]. I followed them on Twitter, and emailed them beats all the time, but they never responded. It wasn’t until I literally prayed to God for something to happen, and it was like ‘BAM!’ About 7-8 months after all that, they followed me back and said I snapped on this one beat I sent them. It was really Issa [Gold] who said it. I just believe that everything is energy, and the universe responds to you.

[The Underachievers] have always inspired me. Last year I was in a totally different space. I wasn’t doing good. Now, I’m just elated to be with these guys; they make music for people like me. 1 year later, I’m on their album.

It was on Steez Day that I actually got to meet up with them. They showed me mad love. It was like they always knew me; it felt like we were all brothers. I also got to meet Smoke DZA and Ab-Soul that day. Everything felt so genuine.”

On Where He Sees Himself in the Future:

“In 5 years, I’m going to be 27. That’s crazy! (laughs) I just want to keep my momentum going. There’s so much talent out there, in every region, but [people] lack vision; there’s no platform. I just want to have a solid team of people. I want to be an established entrepreneur, not just a producer. I want to have a [distinct] sound, a team, a view….I want to give back to my community. My goal is to inspire; to make people come together, and music is the ultimate platform.

My top 5 artists I want to work with are Lil Wayne, I just feel like he’s in a different place as an artist right now; Ace Hood, we’re from the same place, and I’ve watched this man grow for so long; Bun B, Drake, and Starlito. I have to throw Freddie Gibbs in there, too!”

His Final Thoughts on The Underachievers’ Evermore – The Art of Duality Album:

“In the rap game, this album should be [alongside] To Pimp a Butterfly, or 2014 Forest Drive. Fans, myself included, have always said “they changed by life” about [The Underachievers]. Even Issa says he doesn’t like to call himself a “rapper,” he calls himself an “inspirer.” This journey is definitely worth the watch.