During our time checking out Black Thought of The Roots’ sneaker release at UBIQ, we got the chance to speak to owners & lead designers of Clear Weather Brand, brothers Josh and Brandon Brubaker.

Chatting with the guys was extremely cool, and they had many positive things to say of Black Thought. Taking place at Philly‘s UBIQ fashion boutique, we got to learn a juicy bit of information: there will definitely be a part 2 release in collaboration with Black Thought!

Click here to purchase your pair! The shoes retail at $225 and come complete with a picnic basket carrying case, a picnic blanket, and official Jason Markk sneaker wipes.

Check out exclusive photos of the event in our gallery below! Be sure to read on for all the info on the specialties of this release, and get a sneak-peek at what to expect for Part 2!


DTS MEDIA: What made you guys decide to go with an all-white shoe as the 10th Anniversary Roots Picnic sneaker?
Brandon Brubaker (B.B.): It’s summertime!
Josh Brubaker (J.B.): Summertime is what Tariq [Black Thought] was into. He knew what he wanted.

DTS MEDIA: So, he basically came in like, ‘Okay, I want an all-white shoe. Here’s what I want it to look like’?
B.B.: No, no. We sent him, how many CADs? Like a bunch?
J.B.: Yeah.
B.B.: Yeah, but he gravitated towards the white ones, which were perfect for the season.


DTS MEDIA: So this sounds exclusive! We’ve been told by the press release that this was one-time shoe collab, but it sounds like there are others?
J.B.: Yeah, there’s another colorway coming!
B.B.: There’s a New York Roots Picnic colorway coming!

DTS MEDIA: What can you tell us about that shoe?
J.B.: Well, [since] we gave him options, we really made two. The New York one will be a different colorway and material.

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DTS MEDIA: Dope, can we guess if you’re using gingham?
Both: It is NOT gingham! [laughs]
B.B.: Believe me, it’s not. [laughs]
J.B.: I would say it’s more of a — I don’t want to say pastel or anything, but it’s a different pink.

DTS MEDIA: UBIQ is pretty much a men’s store, but can ladies wear this shoe & the next one?
B.B.: Ladies can wear both of them.
J.B.: If we got that size!
B.B.: The new ones, I gathered a really dope suede that is a great color. We’ll see [about other colorways]. We’re hoping for more!


DTS MEDIA: As the brand designers, what was it like dealing with Black Thought’s input?
B.B.: It was amazing.
J.B.: Yeah, it was really easy, very simple. [Black Thought] definitely knew what he wanted.
B.B.: He was very straightforward, which made it easy for us as company owners and designers…It’s a great relationship we kind of fell into —
J.B.: With the help of Duane.
B.B.: Duane Brown, he really connected the dots for us with Tariq. He’s his stylist. Me and Josh have always been fans of The Roots, obviously, and of Black Thought.
J.B.: Top 5 MCs, straight up.
B.B.: We just wanna keep moving, and hopefully we’ll have a relationship that lasts longer than two shoes for the Roots Picnic anniversary.

DTS MEDIA: Last question, since you’re footwear guys & it’s summer, do you wear socks with sandals?
B.B.: I don’t!
J.B.: I do! I wear them with my slides!

DTS MEDIA: Just chillin’ in the Nike slides?
J.B.: Yeah! Gotta wear ’em with slides. No more toes! No more toes!
B.B.: My brother and I are separate on that. No socks. I. Do. NOT.
J.B.: I wear slides ALL DAY with socks.
B.B.: Nope. Feet out.

Slideshow photos: Julia W

Special thanks to Carleen Donovan, UBIQ, Josh Brubaker, Brandon Brubaker, Gerald Lyons, and Black Thought.