Last week we got to check out the official release of the 10th Annual Roots Picnic commemorative sneaker designed by Clear Weather, made in collaboration with The RootsBlack Thought and Jason Markk.

Hosted at the iconic UBIQ on Philly‘s Walnut Street, Black Thought chatted, smiled, and flicked it up with fans and sneaker enthusiasts, causing much commotion in the newly-renovated upstairs portion of the boutique. There were attendees of all ages asking for selfies and autographs with the frontman of The Roots, free beer &Pizza, — and combined with the DJ, Anthony Somebody‘s pristine blends of 90s R&B, trap, and dance music — he made us all feel like we were just kickin’ it at another block party with our homie Tariq.

We briefly previewed the sneakers last week, so it was dope to chat with Black Thought for a few minutes about the creation of the shoe with Clear Weather, the importance of keepin’ it fresh in the summertime, and we got to see where he stands on possibly one of the hottest male trends to hit the (internet) streets this summer! 😉

Check out our Q&A session below, and purchase your pair here! The shoes retail at $225, and come complete with a picnic basket carrying case, picnic blanket, and official Jason Markk sneaker wipes.


DTS MEDIA: Why choose an all white sneaker for the 10th Anniversary Roots Picnic? We can’t keep our shoes clean at any festival, let alone a picnic!
Black Thought (BT): I’ve always been one of the clean dudes at the picnic! [laughs] I’m the dude who shows up the BBQ, the block party, the cookout, you know, with white sneakers on. Fresh! Sometimes [I’d show up] in all white. Sometimes, with my palette, I do monochromatic which is kind of what I currently do seasonally for spring and summer. I do so many different variations of eggshell, off-white, tan, cream, super-super light khaki, beige, super light grays, and stuff like that.


DTS MEDIA: Stayin’ clean.
BT: Yeah, so I wanted to do a shoe that would pair well with that, but also [be] a not to [me being] that dude at the picnic eating my food way out here (leans forward), so I don’t get anything on my shoes. It’s also why we included the wipes, just in case you’re literally picnicking with them, and you’re clean, and you get a little spot or something, we have the Jason Markk wipes in there.

DTS MEDIA: You mentioned a lot of colors; will we see Black Thought in a male romper this season???
BT: [laughs] I’ve definitely worn a “jumpsuit” already this season.

DTS MEDIA: But it’s not that different from a romper, right?
BT: Nah. I mean it’s definitely on-trend now, so I’ll doubt that’s what you’ll catch me in. I did it all crazy last summer before it was popping, you know. Everything goes in circles, but I’m pretty sure in the not-so-distant future, it won’t be trending any longer, and that’s probably when I’ll put another spin on it, my own spin. I really might do some romper-hoodies or something. You never know!

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DTS MEDIA: True, we’ll definitely be looking for that on the streets of Philly! What was it like for you to work with Clear Weather?
BT: It was dope, it was super easy; it was one of the easiest collaborations that I’ve done, and they said likewise.

DTS MEDIA: How was the design for the shoe laid out? Did you already have your image in your head when you first came in?
BT: Actually, I looked at some of their iconic images and decided which shoe I wanted to put my own spin on, and which direction I wanted to take it in.

DTS MEDIA: That’s dope.
BT: I’ve been wearing the Clear Weather brand for a couple years now. I haven’t seen that many other people [collaborate] with them, but we’ve been working a lot the past couple years with Usher. I noticed that Usher has a lot of the Clear Weather shoes that I’ve — we have a lot of the same joints. I definitely wanted to do something that would speak to my own personal style and taste, and that was definitely going to pair well with my gear for summer.


Slideshow Photo Credit: Julia W

Special thanks to Carleen Donovan, UBIQ, Brandon Brubaker, Josh Brubaker, Gerald Lyons, Duane Brown, and Black Thought.