“I ain’t tryna be nobody, I just shine”

One of our favorite artists in the past few years has been Asian Doll, the gritty but pretty new star out of Atlanta, GA. Originally hailing from Texas, the 20-year-old has been an unstoppable force in the music industry who — after dropping out of high school — is only just getting started.

We first found Asian Doll on Instagram in mid-2016 as an eye-catching, colorful entity, but it was her music that made us stay. Asian Doll has worked with Philly artist PNB Rock of Atlantic Records and has been spotted with the likes of Blac Youngsta and Rae Sremmurd, but trust when we say that her success is 100% due to her hard-working attitude and faith in herself as an artist. We’ve found Asian Doll to be one of the most consistent rappers of the new generation, with music that proves why she deserves to be counted among the Lil Uzi Verts, 21 Savages, and Kodak Blacks of the industry.

While effortlessly being her true bubbly, bright, and pastel pink self in modeling photos, music videos, and at performances, Asian Doll still keeps her edge that lets you know she’s definitely not to be played with. The combination of her brand and personality is not a gimmick. She’s young, but she’s smart as hell. She’s beautiful, but she’s tough. She’s lit, but her music packs a harder punch than any Floyd Mayweather fight.

Asian Doll spoke to us on why she has such a strong magic to make people follow her lead, why her music is for the “lost” girls of the world, and why she’s the voice of the new generation.

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DTS MEDIA: We found you randomly on Instagram and decided to check out your music! How long have you been rapping and doing music? When did you first decide to take it seriously and build a brand?
ASIAN DOLL (AD): I’ve been rapping since I was 17; I just turned 20-years-old, so that would be 3 years I’ve been rapping. When I had recorded my 1st song ever, I posted it on Facebook and the next day I went to school, everybody [was] talking about it even teachers. It made me feel like I didn’t belong there because I was a huge distraction, so when I dropped out of school to be a rapper is when I took my whole career seriously.

DTS MEDIA: What were some of your favorite 90s/early 2000s music videos?
AD: I don’t remember no damn early-90s/2000s music! I was born in 1996!

DTS MEDIA: What other genres do you like/grow up on? What would your fans be surprised to know you listen to? In the future, we can definitely see you branching out to collab with artists of other genres, like rock, R&B, punk, or even K-Pop.
AD: I grew up on rap, for real. In the 8th grade, I started listening to pop and R&B heavy. I loved, like, Katy Perry, anything really that came on 106.1’s radio station. I just liked the vibe. I stayed with my grandma for a couple years so I really lost my touch with rap — we weren’t allowed to watch it. My fans would be surprised I listened to Bruno Mars (laughs) I love him.

Asian Doll – Real Bitch Anthem

DTS MEDIA: We don’t do really comparisons at DTS, however, we’ve seen some people try to confuse “Asian Doll” with Nicki Minaj’s “Harajuku Barbie” persona. How do you stop the comparisons? Have you been compared to any other artists? What do you say makes you stand apart?
AD: Nobody really compares me to Nicki a lot [because] it’s a huge difference between our whole style. She’s someone that if i was to get compared to her, I’d feel honored. People compare me to other females only if they act like me or bite off my style. I’m what you call ‘original.’ I stand out from the world almost (laughs) but I’m very unique.

DTS MEDIA: What’s something you’ve had to coach yourself on thus far in the industry? Will we ever see you on tour? (Hopefully in Philly/NYC).
AD: YES! I’ll be going on tour when my project gets released, ‘Outta Space.’ Yes, hopefully, because my most loyal fans are from Philly & New York. I had to coach myself on a lot of personal things because if you’re not right as a person, it will interfere with your career. I had to find peace, I had to let the memories of my old life go ’cause if I didn’t, I’d still be in drama & I could easily lose it all if I wasn’t right with God & with myself.

DTS MEDIA: Who is your music for? Is it all a “trap” vibe? Our favorite song “Gucci” has motivational undertones (“I be securing my bag,” etc.), which we love. Is that something you did on purpose, or do you just make music for you?
AD: My music is for those who are lost; those who have no big sis or role model. Nobody’s there to tell you what’s right, what’s wrong, not even what’s really important in life. I’m that person with the voice to expose all the fakes and really guide these kids in the right direction. My music is based off what I’m feeling. When I first came out, I talked so much about violence because that was the environment I was in. When I moved to Atlanta, I didn’t even feel right putting those type of words in my music anymore because I Was getting exposed to the good life! (laughs) “Gucci” is a dope record. I was in a happy, flexing mood. Everything I said in that song was facts, and when you speaking motivational facts, everybody gotta love it because they can relate. I make music for the people. I know they need this music to uplift their problems. I just want them to keep going and to take whatever they dream of being seriously.

Asian Doll – GUCCI

DTS MEDIA: What was your first real recording session in the studio like? Were you nervous about how your voice would sound/how you’d be received in the industry? What was it like to work with PNB Rock? Who else do you see yourself working with?
AD: [Recording for the first time] felt great! I was so hype that it made me hear myself on a super level and I fell in love with rap even more. It was like I Was achieving my goals step-by-step. Only time I was nervous about my voice is when I put out my auto-tune song “Rockstar Baby” because I had developed a fan base off my drill-sounding music. So I was a little nervous on how my fans would react, but they LOVED IT. It was cool [working with PNB Rock] because he’s a great person. He’s somebody I look at and get inspired because we are both from the struggle. I see myself working with a lot of artists very soon: the new generation’s artists such as Lil Uzi, Travis Scott, Dreezy, etc. will open up doors for me on the networking side of things.

Asian Doll ft. PNB Rock – Poppin

DTS MEDIA: How did you create your bubbly, girly persona, but still keep a hip-hop edge? Where is Asian Doll originally from? What were you like in high school? What do your friends think of your music and success?
AD: I’ve always been a trendsetter. I was the hood, pretty girl, with all of the swag. If I wore something, the next couple of days, everyone would wear it. I was the freshest girl in my whole school. When I started rapping, it’s like everything went perfectly with each other: I had the looks, the talent, the swag. In middle school I was horrible! I was B-A-D! I loved basketball, though, so when I got in high school, I was really chill. Everybody was shocked, too, but I was pretty laid back. I just loved getting cute, I guess.

Most of my old friends [are] haters! (laughs) Some of my old friends from school will DM me on social media [and] I always respond back to them because I’m glad they see that I’m actually doing something with my life. It makes me even more proud of me.

DTS MEDIA: Shout out your favorite clothing boutiques & makeup lines, as well as your own. We love the lashes!
AD: Shouts out to NYX, I love your lip glosses! I wear them every days, I make all my fans wear it. Ummm…Shout out to M.A.C. (laughs) Most of all, shout out to my AsianDollEyez Mink Lashes! You’re the cutest, you’re made by the best to ever do it! I love you! We will grow together & change young lives! (laughs)

Asian Doll – Rockstar Baby

DTS MEDIA: Do you have a “girl gang,” or rather, a name for your fans as a collective?
AD: My gang is my fans, and we are BDG4L DOLLGANG!

DTS MEDIA: What’s next for Asian Doll? Can we expect a new mixtape/album? More music videos & release dates?
AD: Everything is next for Asian Doll! I am the face and voice of the year’s generation. I really wanna do a real album, I just wanna challenge myself, but no rush. Just whenever that happens I’m gonna be super geeked about it. My new EP coming soon, “Outta Space,” new waves! Lots more videos, I love doing videos, so yes; the better the music, the better the visuals.

Asian Doll – No Flocking/Kodak Black Freestyle

*Editor’s Note: Due to the editor’s lack of planning, Asian Doll is counted as our February Artist of the Month in 2017. We thank Asian Doll for graciously accepting to do this interview, being such a good sport and an amazing subject.