If you live under a rock, you may have missed the fact that Joe Budden has been involved in a super random & crazy new podcast series known as “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” with Hot 97 personality, Marisa Mendez. Already on their 8th week, the two hosts of the show have not only grown in audience, but their conversations have served to shed light on the hip-hop industry from a true insider’s perspective.

With Marisa‘s hilarious side commentary, Joe Budden completely runs the show, revealing legendary anecdotes and telling stories that you could only experience if you were Joe Budden (he’s a firsty-lasty, so I can’t just call him “Joe“). I’d also like to use this platform to say that Joe Budden blocked me on Twitter, and I have no idea why because I have never tweeted him anything in my life — not even hate mail, because I love Joe Budden.

To condense this article, I’ve featured episodes 1-4 of the 8 shows that are already released, with part 2 to follow shortly. You should also subscribe here. New episodes every Wednesday!


Episode 1

On Episode 1, with Hot 97‘s Peter Rosenberg as producer, the two discussed All-Star Weekend, a situation they got into while at a lituation, Valentine’s Day, Joe Budden‘s crazy exes, running into Nicki Minaj‘s ex-man SB and more.

Episode 2

For their second go ’round, Joe Budden and Marisa discuss the love they got on our debut, as well as the not-so-happy reactions they got from a couple of people close to them.

Episode 3

Joe Budden talks about his first trip to LA and complains about celebrities who have a bad selection of chicks. He also discusses his confusion over Snapchat, the definition of a threesome, and Marisa joining a sugar daddy website!

Episode 4

On this episode, Joe Budden and Marisa introduce a new segment, “It Might Be Over For…”, and first up is iLoveMakonnen! They also discuss Joe Budden‘s 50 Shades of Grey experience, some boring sports talk between Joe and Rosenberg that Marisa played Candy Crush during, what makes a woman a hoe and more.


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