Estelle has been working on a new album, “True Romance”, which will drop on November 4th. As you may know Estelle experienced a difficult break up back in 2012, and now she’s in a new state of mind. While interviewing with USA today she gave comments about honesty and starting over. 

“I had to figure out who I was again. I had ask to myself questions like, ‘What kinds of things do I like?’ This album is about the time in between breaking up with someone and becoming happy again. That time that you’re just existing. No one goes straight to happiness after a breakup.”

“You have to really check yourself, like if you think that you’re ready to see that person and you’re not. You have to have courage to look back and be honest about your own drama. You have to work at it every day and it’s really hard. Understand that this is who I am now, this is who I was then. It’s none of his business what you’re doing now or who you are now. You have to stop thinking of things in that way.”

We look forward to Estelle’s new album “True Romance” this fall!