Genre: Drama, Comedy Starring: Dave Patten, David HW Ricks III, Alexx Ray, Richard Amezcua, Abdul ‘Damage’ Quddas

Coming this summer is ESCORTS, a new web-series created by Run of the Mill author Dave Patten and David HW Ricks III. The series has won several awards this year, boasting “Official Selection” at the 2015 Hollyweb Festival, the 2015 L.A. Web Fest, and at the 2015 American Black Film Festival.


ESCORTS is a dark comedy that follows Jay Miller (Patten) on his perilous journey as a collegiate amateur “escort service” business owner in Southern California. We first get to know Jay Miller during a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting, aptly prepped with his own narcotics, where we also meet the rest of the cast and learn just what brought them all together.

Pragmatic hipster Jay Miller’s successful small business of selling sex to his collegiate peers becomes infinitely more difficult when one of his employees accidentally dies while “working.” Facing blackmail and incarceration, Jay chooses his only option: expanding the company with his new business partners.

With each episode, we get a new introduction to the members of Jay’s NA meetings, who turn out to play specific roles in the escort service. There’s Charles “Chili” Stone (Ricks), a rich, college pretty-boy who never knows when the party’s over; Jazmine (Ray), the beautiful business major with a major chip on her shoulder; and Ricky T (Amezcua), a drug dealer with a conscience and a mean right hook. It quickly becomes clear that with all their different motives for joining forces, every character has something to lose and everything to gain.

After screening the entire first season, the writers waste no time jumping right into the drama as quickly as possible, and with episodes averaging around 10 minutes, what more could you ask for? Through Jay’s breaking of the fourth wall, viewers are offered cautionary tips for their own “business ventures.”

Unless you’ve been following the forensic teachings of the Jeffersonian team à la Bones, there are times when you truly have to suspend your disbelief in order to follow the plot. However, in just the first season, we see every character as dynamic and multi-dimensional, although what we’ve come to expect from the cast in the second season promises an explosive series that could even be ready for Starz or HBO. Here’s hoping the next season comes with longer episodes!

Check out the official trailer and get to know the cast below.

Get to Know the Cast!


Creator Dave Patten is an actor, author, musician, and artist originally from Philadelphia, PA who now resides in Los Angeles. After graduating Temple University in 2010, Patten launched the South 9 Entertainment company alongside ESCORTS co-creator David H.W. Ricks III. In 2013, Patten appeared in the film Delivery Man starring Vince Vaughn.


Our very own DJ Damage of REVOLT TV and L.A.’s Real 92.3 radio station appears in the series and trailer above, which is backed by the song “I Wanna Know” performed by Feese! A native of Philadelphia, PA and a graduate of Temple University, Damage plays the smooth, egotistical frat leader with a dark side, “Demarcus.”


Alexx Ray gives an impressive performance as “Jaz.” Originally from Charlotte, NC, and a graduate of the University of North Carolina – Greensboro, Ray is a budding actress who is more than getting her feet wet in the industry, having landed parts in major productions like Hunger Games, Real Husbands of Hollywood, and 10 Rules for Sleeping Around.


David H.W. Ricks III takes on a more relaxed and comedic role, this time in front of the camera as “Chili.” Film producer, actor since 12 years old, and co-creator of the ESCORTS series, Ricks is a man of many talents. Also a graduate of Temple University, Ricks has produced a plethora of music videos for Interscope and Atlantic Records.