Come August 2014, Eminem will begin his  3-date ‘Monster’ tour leaving fans in Los Angeles, Detroit, and New Jersey excited as ever! He won’t be rockin’ the mic alone because pop-star, Rihanna will be right by his side, givin’ it to us raw and uncut as usual. Get here already, August! I’m juiced just covering the headline.

Watch the Official music video now.

In mentioning Rihanna’s scheduled appearances with Eminem as he quickly tours, We’ve all grown accustom to Rihanna being on our stages every year! Looks like we may be a bit out of luck as 2014 continues on. Seems like Rih is taking much needed time for her self these days. From turning up a week long in Aspen, Colorado as she was blessed to see another age, to hanging out with Drake over seas in Europe as he hit he blazed the stages for his fans over there. Now, she’s back to the states and spending lots of time at home, as she now resides in New York. But the wait is about to be over, maybe for a short time, but nonetheless she will be back doing what she does!