Eminem (@Eminem) goes old school with samples from the Beastie Boys and Billy Squier and created his new song “Berzerk” that gives you a mixed feeling of the old and new Marshall. Em is set to drop the highly anticipated “Marshall Mathers LP 2” on November 5th of this year. The legend is back at it for all to listen.

According to VladTV, “Berzerk” is a sample-heavy track that has Em throwing rocks at Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. “They say that love is powerful as cough syrup and Styrofoam/All I know is I fell asleep and woke up in that Monte Carlo/With the ugly Kardashian/Lamar, oh sorry, we done both set the bar low,” he raps. The Detroit rapper also clowns on F-list celeb Kevin Federline for being overweight. “So maybe just make like K Fed and let yourself go,” he raps in the chorus.