I’m very excited to present this new addition to DTS! RIIOTTT is this incredibly unique woman whose movement I follow online. From her modeling career to her newfound music career, I fell in love with both her original look and sound. Her latest single “Park Kids” caught my attention purely off production.

If I had to give an image or feeling that RIIOTTT‘s music gives me, it’s like all my Lisa Frank college supplies went to a techno Sailor Moon party, and came back with a Chanel bag filled with Trap music and candy. Take a listen to two of my favorite singles of hers, “Park Kids,” and “Bonfire” to get an understanding. She’s girly, she’s pop, she’s hip-hop, and I’m here for every bit of it.

RIIOTTT is self-described as a 24 year old magical artist from NYC, who just recently moved to Los Angeles, California to jump-start her music career. “I’m excited to show the world who I really am I’m honored to sprinkle my fairy dust on planet earth ..everyone will love me and my music,” she says.

Look out for an exclusive interview with us and RIIOTTT in the near future!


RIIOTTT – Park Kids

RIIOTTT – Bonfire