My April Artist of the Month is none other than South Jersey‘s LEWIS IS DEAD! I’ve known Lewis for over 10 years as both a friend and an artist, and during that time, I’ve gotten to watch him refine his artistry a million times over, each time being more awe-inspiring than the last. Budding filmmaker, prominent producer, graphic designer, and seasoned rap artist, LEWIS IS DEAD is an unstoppable force, even to himself.

The interview between Lewis and I is absolutely nothing compared to our hours-long conversations about life and music. I’ve grown to see LEWIS IS DEAD as an entity that deserves more than a glance, as he’s one of the most dynamic independent artists I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Everything about him is self-designed and tailored to fit, which makes him all the more authentic compared to more “manufactured” rap backdrops that plague recent memory. His diagnosed depression, lucid dreams, and early life experiences cast a tall shadow on lyrics that forego the way we’re used to hearing about drugs, sex, loyalty, love, and materialism in hip-hop. That’s not to say that LEWIS IS DEAD doesn’t talk about these things, but rather that his method of storytelling would appeal to someone who had experienced them in a similar dark, almost “emo” way.

When you’re around LEWIS IS DEAD, you feel a different air. You almost absorb the woods in his mind and begin to find yourself attracted to the weird and unknown parts of your mind you’ve suppressed. You want to be better, do better, and look better. He makes expressing our pain feel attractive, fun, dangerous, and claims screaming in his music as more therapeutic than just rapping or even keeping a journal.

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Without a doubt in my mind, LEWIS IS DEAD is the best rapper in New Jersey, and one of the finest overall artists of our time. From creating stellar works of music in the past like Ode to Ye — a tribute EP to Kanye West featuring a Yeezy-sampling orchestra in 2009, No Daughters Are Safe, Black Autumn 1993, Violence, and even becoming one-half of “LIONMMVIII” with Milwaukee rapper BEAMON. These projects may or may not even be found on the internet today, as in true artistic fashion, Lewis distances himself from his older work while those who were there for their creation (and were smart enough to download) continue to laud his genius. With just a walk through his Soundcloud account it would seem that Lewis is very much alive and constantly evolving himself with the times (even against the times, at times). He went to Holland to make a film called INFERNO that didn’t even star him!

We got to speak with LEWIS IS DEAD in an in-depth interview about why and how he creates the way he does, his current relationship with BEAMON, and where he plans to go in the future. Currently, Lewis is unleashing his latest project Cult Leader track-by-track via Soundcloud, and giving us even more to look forward to this summer.

Watch below, and listen to our 2 favorite NEW songs by LEWIS IS DEAD, “Man Up” and “New Jersey Devil” from the Cult Leader album.


(Watch the FULL interview on our YouTube channel!)

Lewis Is Dead – Man Up

Lewis Is Dead – New Jersey Devil
Special thanks to Dave Cuffee, Shawn Carmega, G-Spot Studios, and Lewis Is Dead.