Our March favorite, celebrity stylist Devon Milan, is an artist of another sort, creating boundary-pushing, eye-catching new looks every day with high-end designer and everyday fashion pieces.

Growing up in the house of fashion designer parents, Devon Milan was exposed to things most children wouldn’t see outside of their mother’s style magazines. She was a baby decked out in Dior, and a child who brought clothing items like her latest Mink coat for show-and-tell. In her mother’s shop, Helena Boutique located at 721 South 4th Street in Philadelphia, PA, we go to speak to Devon about what she enjoys about her work, her favorite fashion trends of the moment, and we get to play our 30-second “Snatch Challenge” to see just how fast she can create a new look!

Check out our interview and get ready to know this name, because along with her illustrious track record of working with Kanye West (Yeezy Szn 3), Jeantrix, Meek Mill (“Monster” Video), Michael Costello, PNB Rock, The Freshside Twins (pictured above) and plenty more, we know she’ll be making her rounds for next few decades!

Did we forget to mention Devon‘s magnum opus co-styling Rihanna in March 2017’s Paper Magazine? Click here to check it out!


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Meek Mill – Monster (styled by Devon Milan)

On landing Yeezy Szn 3:
“…a couple of hairstylists & Photographers, we all came together and created some really dope concepts. We were going to build our portfolio together. We probably did about 5 shoots. I submitted these shoots onto V-Files. When I put it on V-Files, they do a show called “MADE” every year and they pick people to feature, so I was trying to be part of that. I got a phone call from Julie Anne Quay, who owns V-Files and is the editor-in-chief- of V-Magazine, saying ‘We love your work and we would like to put you on a special project.’ I was like ‘Okay, sure! What’s the project?’ ‘Kanye West, Yeezy Szn 3.'”

On the importance of collaborating & networking:
“You have to work as a team. It costs to build your portfolio and have models and book a photographer. Collaboration is — I might be able to reach a network that you can’t and vice versa. You might be able to connect with someone that I can’t but you can connect me with that person because of you. Everybody’s so clique-based and so against each other, trying to step on and surpass each other, rather than if we all combine each other’s strengths — I love having other people on set because they might see something that I don’t, and they know if they point it out to me, then I can add my flair and just make it a dope look. I try to tell people as much as possible to come together.”

On styles/trends she DOESN’T like:
“There isn’t really much that I don’t like, I’m just over how things are being worn.I feel like when people see something — now, don’t get me wrong, if you want to replicate, that’s dope, but try to do it to the best of your ability. I feel like a lot of these Instagram boutiques & stuff, they take these high-end pieces and just dumb it down so bad, where it’s just like ‘I’m over it.’ The distressed & bleached, I’m kinda over that, a little bit.”


Special thanks to Montre Kyle, Errol, Helena Boutique, and Ms. Devon Milan.