I first got to meet this month’s favorite at a huge indie/major label crossover hip-hop showcase, aptly known as The Next Big Showcase, hosted by our homie, DJ Tarzan in collaboration with Hot 97‘s Who’s Next indie concert series.

A.B.Y.S.S. Tha Byssness comes to us as a southern transplant originally from North Carolina, who currently hails from Plainfield, NJ. With several professional titles under her belt and countless performances across the east coast, Abyss is one of our more diverse faves dedicating her creative energy to writing ferocious rap lyrics, as well as running her graphic design company, Byssness Design.

In a time in music where the “female rapper” concept has undergone many faces (and some crazy wigs), one thing has always remained consistent: If there’s no true substance, it ain’t hip-hop. Despite the easygoing attitude towards lyricism in the writers’ department in many rap studios today, rappers on both sides of the gender coin will always be held to the golden standards of hip-hop: bars/lyrics, delivery, flow, and wordplay. Something tells us that A.B.Y.S.S. Tha Byssness doesn’t have that problem, after opening up for — and performing alongside — some heavy hitters like Maino, Drag-On, comedian Tommy Davidson.

Currently, Abyss is working on a new album release, Black Suits & Pink Slips. the album has already dropped a FIRE single, “Why You Mad,” along with Abyss‘ take on Fat Joe and Remy Ma‘s “Cookin,'” the latter of which you can listen to below. An important member of the hip-hop community, we were excited that we got to chat with Abyss about what she thinks is most important in the music industry today.

Find out exactly what “A.B.Y.S.S.” stands for below.


DTS MEDIA: Describe both your musical and personal styles to us. Is there a reason that you combine ties and heels during performances? (I used to do the same in high-school, but I was pretty much teased for it!)
A.B.Y.S.S. Tha Byssness (ATB): My musical style is very blunt, “no bars held” (laughs), thought provoking, & soul touching. I’m a person who feels all types of energy very deeply, so I write from that place, whether it’s through experience or observation. My personal style comes from being a Gemini & also the way I’m built. I’ve always been very stocky, rugged, & athletic. In high school I would wear jerseys with skirts & fitted shirts with baggy jeans, lol. I just like the best of both worlds when it comes to fashion. I think certain pieces just compliment my frame better. I have a thing for ties, certain materials & the way they look with a nice pressed shirt. And I absolutely love a bad ass pair of heels! I can’t go anywhere without my heels. Why not put it together & make it work?!

Marsten House Cypher

DTS MEDIA: What’s your story? Who is Abyss Tha Byssness, and how did you choose your name? Where are you from?
ATB: In kindergarten we had these little books we used for notes. But I didn’t really get to use mine because after about 2 weeks I was skipped to the first grade. So I remember using it at home just to write definitions from the dictionary in it(on my own) & any rhyming words I could find. I’ve just always loved playing with words. I would hear my mom playing so much good music like Patti Labelle, Phyllis Hyman, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, etc. & they were definitely inspiring. But the first time I heard Queen Latifah, I was immediately in love with hip hop. I said “that’s what I want to do!”. So, here I am, A.B.Y.S.S., which is an acronym for Ask Before You Speak Stupidity. Prior to creating the acronym though, I chose this name because it matches my personality & my experiences interacting with people. I’m always deep in thought, & I’m quiet, but You know I’m there without me having to announce it. Me being quiet makes me mysterious to people. Some never know how to approach because they don’t know what to expect. But the ones who do approach & want to learn more, realize that there’s so much I have to offer. I’m originally from NC, raised in Plainfield, NJ.

DTS MEDIA: How important is lyricism to you, in a time where mainstream rap seems to be more about the “vibe” & “getting lit,” and less about substance? Are there any new rappers you enjoy?
ATB: Lyricism is important because it shows effort. Anybody can mumble rap & talk about nothing. Why should anybody spend their hard earned money on something you didn’t even put effort into? There are no “New” rappers I listen to or enjoy.

DTS MEDIA: How do you feel about the resurgence of the prominence of women rappers (Tink, Young M.A., Dreezy, Remy Ma, etc.)?
ATB: I feel great about it. It shows that people finally realized that more than one female can exist & be successful. I don’t believe in competition. It’s room for plenty of female artists.

DTS MEDIA: Why do you say “No Bad Bitches” in your Instagram bio?
ATB: I think it’s stupid & derogatory once you become conscious of what it means. To me it translates into being a malicious dog, which is pretty much an animal with ill intent that will do ANYTHING to eat/get ahead. So if you’re cool with being less than a human being that does anything for money, fame, or success, then by all means, call yourself a bad bitch or a real nigga! I just know my worth & will not associate myself with people who have that mentality.

DTS MEDIA: Most dudes say that women rappers should stick to the girly/sexual stuff, although we know women are more than our bodies. How do comments like that make you feel?
ATB: Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something. I think they’re just fools seeking attention.

DTS MEDIA: Tell us about your company Byssness Design.
ATB: I created “Byssness Design” in January of 2015, as a budget friendly graphic design company for independent artists & small business owners. Being an independent artist & small business owner, I truly understand what it means to be short of funds for certain things you need to get started, in order to advance your career. Artists & entrepreneurs need visuals for their websites, social media, & merchandise, in order to create a “Brand” that people recognize. Since I love to create, I said, “Why not help out my fellow indie artists, #byssness men & women, by offering those services at a price that doesn’t break the bank”? Voila! Byssness Design. Affordable, beautiful, creative, design, made just for them & their vision!

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