Today, New Jersey producer Army Zenn releases a highly-anticipated collection of instrumentals in his latest body of work known as A2Z: The End. The 4-track project contains three fresh new beats from the South Jersey producer/engineer, and leaves listeners with an original single that features vocals from Philly rap artist, OneTakeDave, Chicago’s Brittany Nacole, and Arizona R&B artist, Shiro.

A2Z: The End is a cohesive and progressive listen from start to finish. Beginning with “Faith,” a relaxed melody that sounds like yesterday’s record scratching boom-bap breaks updated with haunting pianos, bass, and hi-hats for today’s generation, the listener is then treated to “Something”’s more mid-tempo fusion of live instrumentation blended with electronic manipulation, before losing themselves in the “Platinum” party vibes that hip-hop fans may find brings them back to the “snap” days of the mid-2000s, accentuated by impressive snare rolls and a menacing splash of today’s trap.

By the project’s end, producer Army Zenn smartly brings us back to earth with his original single “Channel Surf,” a story of an unrequited love meeting its end. The single’s ambiguous, mellow beat aptly matches its title. With its love energy provided by additional vocalists Davia Janay, Aleana, and Rob Coard, you almost wouldn’t mind the heartbreak so much, if it gets to come with such a great warm weather-tinged theme song like “Channel Surf.”

On the single’s creation, Army Zenn says, “Shiro came up with the concept, and it snowballed from there, as far as the subject matter of the record. I was inspired by [Drake’s] “Hotline Bling” for the beat and I sent it over to Shiro, so it started out as a Shiro song in late 2015/early 2016 that was sitting for a minute. He has [a lot of] projects and it wound up not fitting on any, so I took it and built more on to the beat. I was looking for another rapper for it and decided to contact OneTakeDave, who I had been working with for a while. He wrote to the new version of it and killed the verse. He also brought on an amazing vocalist from Philly named Aleana, who you hear going back & forth with him during the verse.

During that time, it was still a lot of space on the record, which prompted me to contact some more female vocalists to add on to it. I went through [a lot of] different artists trying to find the right voice to fit and remembered Brittany Nacole, who I met the prior year at SXSW backstage at Chance The Rapper’s show. I sent her the track and she wrote a small bridge to it. I then sampled another dope singer Davia Janay on the bridge and had my cousin Rob Coard – who’s an amazing singer from South Jersey with a lot of dope music coming – to add some more vocals to it. After that, I sat on the record for some time playing it for any and everybody and getting opinions from a lot of different artists and producers in the Philly/Jersey area. Shouts out to Vinny G. of Trac-Qaeda for his advice, by the way. I then went to one of the homies, Kenif Muse and he helped me with the final mix. It was about a year and some change process from birth to release, and it’s a couple different versions of this song with different lyrics, but we fine-tuned it to the best possible outcome that I think will last a while. That was my goal, to make something substantial. I think it fits the times; [it’s] very real. When you go through that kind of situation, this generation tends to use technology to escape its problems.”

Listen to A2Z: The End in full below via SoundCloud.


Army Zenn would like to thank “The Sound Gallery (H & Black), Kraze, Moonshine, OneTakeDave, Solomon Caesar, Juv, Shiro, Ryu, Old Guy Ben, Abe, TC, The CME, Diego Mill, and any and everybody who helped me put this together whether it was visual, musically, or just giving advice.”