Broken Royalty by Joaquin Moncada is a contemporary brand based out of New Jersey. Inspired by a minimalistic approach to classic silhouettes, their focus is to recreate these timeless pieces through the use of modern cuts, fabrics, and textures.


The ROYALS ONLY limited drop is a follow up to the  “GOLDLINKS” capsule released last summer, as you can see the repeated use of an athletic theme. “Our focus as a brand is to recreate classic silhouettes and that is what he did here by taking the Kansas City Royals and recreate it to embody Broken Royalty” – Joaquin. The Royals Only white tee is made out of 100% combed rinspun cotton and crafted in the USA (Support Made In USA!).


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Make sure you Get your ROYALS ONLY Limited tee HERE and Follow Broken Royalty below:

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