Every time we go to New York City, it’s something special to be remembered, and this was yet another landmark opportunity for the DTS crew!!! This time, myself and DTS Fashion Editor, Donte Hampton took a much-needed weekend trip to the Big Apple for Style Fashion Week! Thanks to Fashion Week leaders, IMG, “The Shows” this year were centered two locations, Skylight at Moynihan Station in Midtown and Skylight Clarkson Square in SoHo. This edition of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) showcased womens-wear for the Spring/Summer 2016 season.

Donte and I decided to spend our weekend sticking to our indie roots by watching the emerging designers that were showcasing on Broadway‘s lavish Gotham Hall event center. We were able to stay for two sets of shows, allowing us to see a total of 5 designers.



Our first show was Quynh Paris, designed by Quynh Nhu. Now, this was probably our favorite, because before the show had started, we noticed a woman in a stunning navy blue, belted peplum dress with incredibly exaggerated shoulders that we simply had to speak to. Donte and I didn’t realize that we had just posed for pictures and spoken with the Ms. Nhu herself, until the end of the show when we saw her bow and receive applause for the presentation we had just observed. Her collection featured elegant evening wear using the entire color spectrum, as well as chic Ready-To-Wear, for the working girl living in the city.

Quynh Nhu is a noted fashion designer, who is most known for her gowns worn by contestants of the Miss Vietnam and Miss Vietnam World pageant shows. She was ranked in Fashion Asia‘s “Asia’s Top Five Fashion Designers” list in 2013. Quynh Paris regularly presents new collections at Fashion Week in Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. Special guests included actress Dustin Quick.

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Next, we were treated to Esosa, which is famously designed by Project Runway All-Stars season 2 designer, Emilio Sosa. I loved Esosa the most, because I could truly see myself wearing it. The label is slick streetwear at its finest. Emilio‘s use of black leather, splashes of color, relaxed cotton fabrics, and selective denim placement was hip and a refreshing change of pace to see on the runway.

Emilio Sosa hails from Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic and has been working as a costume designer for a number of years. A driven designer, Emilio Sosa decided to take on the challenge of a reality TV competition, and he soon found himself on the 7th season of Project Runway. In 2012, Emilio joined the cast of Project Runway All-Stars season 2.

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SANTA CLARA (not pictured)

Possibly the softest, most elegant show that we saw on this day was presented by Santa Clara: Moda y Novias (Fashion & Brides), designed by Clara Edwards. Models adorned in flower crowns and fishtail braids slowly floated down the runway in floor-length gowns and skirts that were beautifully molded with hand-sewn crystals and lace accents. The use of neutral florals in Santa Clara provided an aesthetic that would remind art aficionados of a rococo style meeting today’s younger, more vibrant bridal gown.

Clara Edwards says of her designs, “No tengo miedo a resaltar la belleza femenina ni al cuerpo en términos del uso de color, distintas texturas y brillos,” which translates to, “I’m not afraid to highlight feminine beauty or the body in terms of the use of color, different textures and sheens.” Edwards also says she will never create two equal pieces, even if asked, and she will not risk buying patterned fabrics, to prevent repeat use with other designers.


The designs of Chris Ber’y were the most avant garde to be presented at Style Fashion Week Day 2. The label Chris Ber’y is headed and designed by Christina Berezhneva, who presented her “Real Fantasy” collection.

This collection featured leather cocktail dresses and different versions of sheer gowns accented with strategically-placed leather floral accents. The mix of leather and sheer satin is incredibly innovative in the fact that leather is not at all a light fabric, and it is one of the most unforgiving fabrics, meaning the cuts must be precise or it won’t sit well on the body. Berezhneva wonderfully mastered the 3D effect of folding leather into her centerpiece flower accents and cut-outs.

Christina Berezhneva notes the process of bringing her “Real Fantasy” to life:

“When it comes deep from your soul – then everything turns out great. Dresses presented here were my first experience with genuine leather. Everything is hand made. Leather flowers are made by using candle and knife. Flowers on the skirt are manually made by using stationery knife and nail scissors. They seemed to come to life on the skirt. These dresses, as well as all my other works, emphasize a shapes by their lines, they are elegant, sexy and feminine. I’m sure that my collection will win many hearts and affect connoisseurs of beauty and fashion!”

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Don’t we look cuteeeee?! ^__^