For this week’s #FlashbackFriday, we’re recapping another one of the events we attended this month. On Sunday May 15, we got to hang out in Secaucus, NJ for the Hi-Life Car & Fashion Show presented by Mosaic Unlimited, and Cuban B & Ladybug Productions. Along with Erik Valentino of Club Illustrated, the event was also hosted by Power 105‘s own DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club, with special guest Will Castro of Unique Rides and Space 16 bringing you custom cars, trucks, and bikes galore.

Over 3,000 people packed the Meadowlands Expo Center to see 20+ top of the line autos from all over the East Coast, and notable retailers and car houses like Top Secret AutoSport, Mafia, as well as some of the most exclusive fashion labels on display from Goodwood NYC, Most Hated, Inc., Brooklyn Celebrity, and Inshallah.

There was definitely love from the entire room when special (unadvertised) celebrity guests Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, and Juelz Santana commanded the stage for their performance. Budden took a moment to address the younger rap fans in the crowd, letting them know that what they were about to see was pure, raw hip-hop and none of the “neo-trap” rap they were used to hearing these days. Along with our classic faves, Joell Ortiz also performed a new single of his called “My Religion.”

The elements of hip-hop, dance, visual art, fashion, and the hottest cars on (and off) the market came together for one fantastic production! Check out photos and videos in the gallery below, and via Facebook and Instagram.

Between the epic Barber Battle competition, and a pole-dancing tutorial from the lovely ladies of Paraiso de Baile Pole Fitness, special faces in attendance included legendary producer Just Blaze, Barbee the Model, Stepz of America’s Got Talent Season 7, Grafh, and Will Castro of Unique Rides. Hi-Life, is a brand spearheaded by Sterling Taylor, a man whose name was repeated more than a dozen times, but we didn’t have a chance to meet face-to-face. Event sponsor Monica Rivas of Mosaic Unlimited was handling business to ensure everything was top-notch (and it was), so we are not mad at the Boss Lady! I did, however get a few words out of Erik Valentino, of event production company Club Illustrated.

“This is something that’s been in production for three years. The goal is to have shows like this all over the East Coast; then we’re going to take it nationally. The way [Sterling & I] have been working, Hi-Life Car & Fashion Shows will be a household name in three more years.”

Special thanks to Sterling Taylor, Erik Valentino, Cuban B. & Ladybug Productions, Mosaic Unlimited, DJ Envy, Power 105, Club Illustrated, Gun for Hire, the US Army, Top Secret Autosport.


*Photo credit: Harley Quinn of DTS Media, Jovan Acree, and various findings on Twitter & IG.