Drama ft. Klippz & Mr. Fickle - Criminal Mischief (Prod. By Trac - Qaeda)

Camden, NJ‘s Drama is back to DTS!!! If you’ve been waiting to hear more from this artist after his highly successful PSALMS 151 project, you’re in luck! This track features Klippz, and Mr. Fickle, and was produced by the infamous Trac-Qaeda team. As usual, they did their thing on the beat. I’m not familiar with the other two artists on the track, but I really started paying attention to the last MC around 2:34. (His voice was just really deep outta nowhere and that caught me off guard.) Anyway, you can listen to this song below via soundcloud, and while you’re at it, check out Hoopty Music!!! No word if this will be featured on a full project, but we’ll keep you updated.