Last year, we saw pictures surface on Instagram of Drake and battle rapper Murda Mook facing off in what looked like a pretty intense cypher. Rumors soon followed, suggesting that Drake had intended to battle Mook sometime in the future, with Mook confirming that while Drake may have been under the influence at the time, that he had in fact agreed to battle the Harlem, NY rapper.

These days it seems like Drake is backtracking his imbibed statements. At this month’s Blackout 5 event hosted by Canada’s premier King Of The Dot (KOTD) battle rap league, Drake and Mook talk about the battle that almost happened. According to Murda Mook, “It was gonna happen. It actually developed maybe about two hours before [the event] was over”. AllHipHop says Mook‘s side of the battle never happened because he didn’t have any material prepared for the “6 God” on such short notice, and he was a little uneasy about doing a round without being paid for it. “I know he wanted to do it. I seen it in his eyes,” stated Mook.

Read on for the real reason why Drake & Mook never got around to that match.


Speaking to BattleRap during a press conference before the Blackout event, Drake had this to say about battling Mook:

“I would love to get into the scene, but I have obligations [and] I might say something, or somebody might say something about me, which makes it tough when I have, like, corporate stuff going on.”

Drake continued to shy away from the battle, by taking the Romney route. “I don’t know if Mook deserves it, but I definitely have a folder full on bars in my phone for somebody one day, so we’ll figure it out.”. That almost sounds like a challenge to us, although battle rapper Charron who attended Blackout 5, confirmed speculation that Drizzy‘s management wasn’t too keen at the idea of him battling at the last minute.

We’ve seen celebrities in the past who’ve gone in the ring with the biggest battle rappers end up looking pretty silly, so it’s smart that Drake‘s team wants to calculate their move.

KOTD host, Organik, says that his involvement in the decision to cut the battle at the last minute was for the good of hip hop fans everywhere.

“We chose the way we went because we’re preserving the culture. There’s a reason why battle rap is popping, it’s because the way it’s ran and it’s the way it’s going right now. For other people to step in and start pushing the direction another way isn’t really helping anybody.”

Source: AllHipHop | BattleRap