Drake and Future have been capitalizing off their own recent success, and it all came to a head when the two paired up on their now legendary What A Time To Be Alive joint album. Running with that momentum, Drake turned out his performance at the Austin City Limits festival by bringing out his new friend Future to close out the show.

If you’ve ever seen Future perform live, you know that it’s instant pandemonium when he hits the stage, and thanks to a fan’s videos from the show, we know he holds up that reputation very well. Drizzy and Future Vandross rocked out to a few hits from their WATTBA album, as well as finishing up with their mega-hit “Where Ya At?” from Future‘s DS2 album. The energy in the room is incredibly LIT, and it’s amazing this building didn’t implode on itself with how packed the stadium is.

Get a live dose of FBGOVO below.