KanyeQuest 3030


KANYEQUEST 3030 – A game about Kanye West, hip-hop, life, The BasedGod and the future!

‘KanyeQuest 3030’ sends Yeezus to battle Jay Z in a dystopian future!

Kanye’s been tripping off his power, and a new RPG wants to see him put it all to use. In a science fiction hip-hop mashup, KanyeQuest 3030 sends Mr. West through a wormhole and off into a twisted, dystopian future in which the prolific rapper Lil B reigns supreme.

In January 2010, as rapper and producer Kanye West is taking the garbage out one day, he suddenly travels through a wormhole. Emerging on the other side, Kanye finds himself in the year 3030. In a dystopian city filled with clones of hip-hop musicians and under the control of a god-like dictator, can Kanye get back home???

Altogether, it should give players some understanding of what’s like to live a day in the life of Yeezus. The game was built on top of RPG Maker VX, a program that allows users to craft custom RPGs — but unfortunately only runs on Windows. For those who can play it, KanyeQuest 3030 is available as a free download.