Live from the 267!
The Bakery Boys have returned to release their 2nd full length album “The Package LP”
Sponsored by The Decades Hat Co, the album is largely produced by Eardrum of the Creative Cult, but also features production from VXNYL, Davey Denairo, Cloud Atrium & more. I had the chance to see The Bakery Boys perform at The Trocadero in Philly last night, where they performed my FAVES!!!!! like “Erie”, “Location” and “Fries” (definitely peep those after you check the tape).

That was my second time seeing The Boys on a stage, but my first time seeing them perform live, and their energy is nothing short of electric & magnetic. You probably know a group of kids around your way just like them, and if you’re not sure, the recorded sound bytes at the end of each song will definitely make you feel like one of the crew. I’ve started to call them the Philly Wu-Tang because as deep as they roll (seriously, there’s like 30 of them), when they’re together, you feel like you’re just as much a part of their phamily as any one of them. This crew has fun on stage with each other and fun with the crowd, and if you know the lyrics to any of their tracks, you might catch a few smiles and head-nods from them on stage.

The Package LP stays true to The Boys’ familiar boom-bap production style, but there’s a few tracks on the album that remind you that the crew is not to be taken lightly. Nostalgic hip-hop fans will note the classic samples & references used throughout the LP, an impressive tribute to the former leaders of hip-hop culture. Pretty girls, weirdos, stoners, rebels, and revolutionaries alike will find many things to enjoy with this project.

Favorite Tracks:

  • Brown Sugar
  • Us
  • Location Open Circuit
  • We Around
  • Did It 4 N.O.R.E.