Hailing from Virginia, TCHAKALLA is an artist/producer who examines emotional content and lush soundscapes through self produced music influenced by Trap Rap, UK Deep House, and Modern Jazz. This self-produced EP contemplates lost relationships and connections through a soft minimalist soundscape and distressed auto-tune vocals.

“This is THE SAD EP which has been done for a little bit but I was sitting on it for whatever reason. I was kinda going through some shit when I made this, just feeling like life wasn’t going anywhere and I kept experiencing loneliness, so I decided to make music about it. I feel like everything in life tries to push people into thinking it’s a negative thing to be sad or to care too much, but I think it’s what makes us human and I’d rather make and hear music about that than hearing bangers all the time about chasing everything negative in the world. My EP is about love and loss which is sometimes all there is in this world.”