1. thnks front

East Chain Records presents the brand new Michael Aristotle album, THANKS FOR NOTHING, also presented by Complex Magazine. The album is produced entirely by main producer, Wili Hendrixs and co-production from Jaque Beatz. It features 13 tracks, and serves as the follow up to Michael‘s last project What Tomorrow May Hold.

“This project just basically explains how the past year has been for me. It picks up where my previous project left off at, and it explains the new places I been, people I met, relationships, my attitude to where my life is, and the space I’m in mentally in the clearest honest way I can right now. There’s so much to the title that everything u need to know is in the music, you’ll learn by ear.. “

This is one of the most creative projects I’ve ever heard, and it proves that southern rap has not been lost to one sound. I think Wili Hendrixs also deserves much praise for his truly left-field board work that only seems to improve as the tape goes on. Mikey has an old soul, but as I’ve said before, he never once loses the crowd of this generation which makes the project perfect for even your uncle to sip a beer at the cookout to. Nice work, East Chain.


Favorite Tracks:

  • Peach
  • Be Like Common
  • Two-Eighty-Five
  • Star 69
  • Wells Fargo