Meek Mill is gearing up for the release of his highly-anticipated mixtape Dreamchasers 4, but as he makes the fans wait, he wanted to give them something to hold them over with. Just before hitting the Sixers game with his beau Nicki Minaj last night, the Philly rapper surprised fans with the release of a 4-track EP, 4/4.

Though the amount of songs are minimal, Meek is definitely making a statement with his lyrics, as he littered the tape with shots at Drake and seemingly 50 Cent as well.

To Drake on his “I’m The Plug” freestyle:

“Was that my girl tour or the world tour?
I do not know what you p#ssy n*ggas goin’ for
This that 100k a night when you perform tour
Swimmin’ in that good p#ssy while you on tour”
And seemingly toward 50 on “Gave Em Hope”:

“You know the game, if you co-sign a rat
You forever a rat, we were never with that
You tried to go “Money” May with that paper
But now you in debt cause you never was that”
Later in that same song, Meek also raps:

“I got fifty reasons say you’re taking d*ck
And it’s fifty reasons I should kill, n*gga
But for real n*gga, I be taking trips with my Philly n*ggas
Got the richest chick, she’s from your hood
N*ggas hatin’ on me, I ain’t really trippin’
Sh*t, I’m good”
Looks like he’s keeping that loyalty toward Rick Ross strong! Stream 4/4 below.