“This is the first cohesive project of the genre”, according to one of the early reviews of  the California songstress’s debut EP.   It’s actually a fitting description because Maryann has seamlessly blended Urban and Electronic music in a way that will have fans arguing about which genre she belongs to.   The clever name she uses to describe her sound, “Bedroomtrap”, might be the only true way to describe what her music does.  Don’t be fooled though, because it could easily play in the club, on the radio or rattle your trunk.  With this project Maryann and producer Sbvce make a focused and concerted effort to show off the unique, complexity of their sound.  This project shows Maryann growing as a writer and as a performer.  She finds a way to tie the moon into songs built from clever (not corny) catch phrases.  The title and concept are quite intriguing, it shows she and Sbvce have not yet strayed from their love of Futuristic themes.   Sbvce‘s production is as varied as Maryann‘s voices.   The tracks range from mellow and moody future R&B to Hip Hop infused Reggae, then there are club jams that could double as radio hits.  These are not your typical 808 driven tracks, they have this undertone of funk which is usually missing in new Electronic and Urban music.  It seems like with this project the DIY duo are quite in tune with sounds that are popular in the genres, giving the surface listener just enough to be hooked.  Below the surface they are quietly pulling the listener into their world of Organic Urban Pop, which is rare nowadays,  especially of this caliber from a DIY artist.  It’s also probably better for your health, knowing that your music is coming directly, and entirely from these two people, grown in some sort of “Bedroomtrap”.