The up in coming Rochester, New York producer, Kidd Called Quest of “Young Black And Gifted” Drops his new beat tape “In My Zone” a 10-track instrumental project for the music-lovers and artists to vibe with.


Kid Called Quest usually lets his music do the talking for him, yet people always want to know more about his unique production style. Quest has garnered coverage on various online sites, video blogs, and traditional print media. Never to be seen as just a regional phenomenon, he has received interview request from international markets such as the United Kingdom. Besides being an excellent producer, Quest is also a successful entrepreneur. He has sold over 5,000 instrumental CDs on his own. Showing that even in this era when most content is given away for free, people will still support the music that speaks to them.

Kid Called Quest is getting ready to release his first solo album Put Your Head Phones On. The title of the album has a deeper meaning than most would anticipate. It is a call to experience the music on your own terms, to ignore the endless cycle of hype and gossip that consumes most young artist’s careers. Quest humbly states, “Listen to it for yourself and judge the album on your own thoughts.” So go grab your headphones and get ready to enjoy the ride.

Favorite Beats:

  • The Cypher
  • Cooking Soul
  • The Bronx
  • ASAP
  • Soul 4 Sale