Instrumental View is the new project from JohnG Beats featuring some of his most notable productions, 2 new instrumentals and 2 bonus gifts.This album is a gift to you, and below, you’ll find some words to you from JohnG himself, from Miami, FL who currently resides in Ottawa, Canada.

 I started making beats at the age of 18 after dropping out of University then I landed my first placement with Snoop Dogg‘s son Spanky Danky “Dankfonia” in 2013.  I’ve produced records for Ice “Billion” Berg, Juvenile, Lil Dred, Mr Marcelo (Jet Life), T.Y (Jet Life), Casso (KloudHigh) and lot more. I guess you can describe my sound as in very soulful, sampled, jazzy, funky and melodic feel with a little bit of hard instrumental drums and hard basslines. I grew up playing different instruments and singing so music is just really my thing.

               This instrumental album “Instrumental View” is a project that I’ve been working on for the past 4-5 months, I made a promise to my supporters and the world that I will be releasing my first solo project before the year 2014 comes to an end. I had to give this my all, but also think smart with this project, especially it being my very first solo tape that I will be releasing. Instrumental View is the title that I chose to name this project because I want to inspire and motivate the world (listeners) to feel and see what I see and that’s love, peace, success, wealth and positivity all from the view of a balcony on a condo. The theme in the skit on this tape subliminally tells a story that most of us can relate to and when I say “most of us” I mean, us dream chasers and future Entrepreneurs.  The message behind all this is to reassure my supporters/ listeners to have bright imagination and to also remind them that this world and everything in it we can all obtain, if we just believe in ourselves, go for it, and speak it into existence.  A lot of these beats I made in my home studio and at my friends condo which’s why the condo’s balcony is referred to above. It’s a symbol of when I used to be on the balcony on the 32nd floor high up and I used to look at the sky and my view and picture all my dreams coming true through those specific moments.


The seven Track album can be downloaded for FREE on BitTorrent