KMTR Cover

Fact of the matter is, Don Mykel has truly only just begun. Hip-Hop might have found its most coveted lyricist and prize in some time in the form of a 20 year old Harlem MC by the name of Don Mykel. Bursting onto the scene a few months back, the artist has certainly not looked back. With a new offering today to claim his throne, Don Mykel hands us over King Mykel: The Rebirth.

A lyrical onslaught of bars and a vibe that is unparalleled, the new project is certainly a direct message and statement to the rest of the industry that the artist is certainly not one to compete with. Word has it that labels are already at the neck of Don Mykel and from what we have heard and seen thus far it certainly is no surprise. Grabbing production from KE On The Track, TrackFormaz and more, Don Mykel excels with his own sound that seems to integrate a perfect mix of that old school essence with a modern twist. Some major moves and announcements are to be announced following the project that you might want to pay attention to as we believe this is only the start to a long and successful career for Don.