Danny Seth, who was featured in our “5 White Rappers” list earlier this year, has finally released his long-awaited mixtape, Perception.

In case you were confused, Danny Seth hails from London, England. The British veteran (U.S. newcomer) has always impressed us with his beat selection and lyricism, spitting some of the hardest lines over the hardest production.

Speaking of the beats, production is accredited to Zach Nahome, MD$, Ducko Mcflii, and others. Features include Collard, Jimmy Johnson, Louis Mattrs, and more.

Download the tape via LiveMixtapes, and check out our top 5 favorite tracks below!


Favorite Tracks:

  • I Arise Because
  • T.I.O.T.E.
  • With Me
  • Safe
  • Be

*Honorable Mention: “Remember”