Casanova‘s long-awaited debut mixtape Be Safe Tho has finally hit The Streets!

After exploding onto the scene with “Don’t Run,” and the accompanying remix featuring Dave East, Young M.A., Fabolous, and Don Q, the Brooklyn newcomer has unleased heavy artillery into the internet with his full-length debut. The 11-track special contains a feature from Chris Brown and LO, as well as production from Jahlil Beats, The Heatmakerz, Teddi Da Don and more. Be sure to peep the honest and raw “Tax Letter,” penned by Casanova to his currently incarcerated friend Taxstone.

This is one of the most authentic mixtapes we’ve heard in a long time, and it only proves why New York is still the best at hip-hop. Casanova‘s undeniable passion and grit comes naturally as an artist who’s been through more nightmares than he can remember, and he’s only just starting to live his dream and let the folks back home know that there’s something bigger out there.

Casanova tells XXL:
“I could take you to Comstock yard, I could take you to Elmira yard, I could take you to being in the hole for 32 months and getting your tray kicked to you, I could take you to being happy that I’m home with my kids, I could take you to getting money, I could take you to robbing, I could take you to selling drugs. I could take you wherever, and [they’re] real life stories. It’s not made up.”


1. “Tax Letter” (prod. by GQ Beats)
2. “Stick And Move” (prod. by 183rd)
3. “Casanova” (prod. by The Heatmakerz)
4. “RIP Rollie” (prod. by Reefa & Teddy Da Don)
5. “The Old 50″ (prod. by Jahlil Beats)
6. “OHB” (feat. Chris Brown & LO) [prod. by Street Runner & Muddigold)
7. “That One” (prod. by Fortes)
8. “Come Thru” (feat. Mike V) [prod. by Teddy Da Don & Muddigold]
9. “Decline” (prod. by Teddy Da Don)
10. “Man Down” (prod. by 183rd)
11. “Line Me” (prod. by Reefa & Myles William)