Soul Spectrum Artwork

Richmond, Virginia’s newest recording artist Anneliese.

Anneliese grew up in Heidelberg, Germany and moved to northern Virginia in 2005. She moved to Richmond, VA in 2010 to further her studies in Music and Psychology, and upon graduating, decided to stay in the city and works full time as an Account Executive for a local marketing firm. If you are into sultry female vocals/rap/banjo/blues inspired pop, between her 2 EP’s there will be something for you.

Soul Spectrum is Anneliese‘s sophomore EP, filled with a mix of powerful vocals, quick poetry/rap – and blues inspired production; think “blue pop”. Lyrics are driven by heartbreak and depression set to a grooving beat. This is an expansion on her unique sound from her debut EP, Settling Accounts. Prod. Tee Rxmeo.