At every party we’ve ever been to, every concert or event it goes without saying the make or break element to any function is the music and without the DJ there is none. I had the pleasure of sitting down with YMCMB’s newest tour DJ; DJ T-Millz and found out everything from his past to his present that are currently unfolding into his journey on his way to the DJ career of his dreams.

With music always being a huge part of Millz childhood growing up in Philadelphia and then moving to Cinnaminson, New Jersey he still never imagined being a DJ. With aspirations of growing up to be a police officer or a PE teacher, it was clear when Millz’s life had taken a sharp turn around his senior year of high school.

“By that time my DJ career was starting to become even bigger so my focus started to be more on a DJing aspect. But DJing was not something I thought I would be doing right now at all,” said Millz.

After long hours of not only shadowing DJ Classic at what used to be Pinnacle night club in Philadelphia, T-Millz takes pride in the fact that he taught himself a lot of what he knows. “Over a period of time I just started getting better and taking it home to practice.”

Making a Name

T-MillzMaking A Name

Despite his first DJ gig at Kelly’s ballroom in New Jersey being what Millz remembers as “not very good…actually it was pretty bad;” he has grown a lot since then transitioning in 2008/2009 from just DJing local parties to becoming a club DJ at Shampoo nightclub, in Philly. From DJ’ing a variety of events such as parties and club scenes to bar mitzvahs and 80 year old birthday bashes, Millz found himself becoming an extremely versatile DJ which grew to be an important aspect of his starting career.

With all of the territory that comes with being a DJ and developing that skill to move people through music whether it Is getting the crowd dancing or with a simple head nod to show a connection, Millz feels there are certain qualities one must have to live out this dream. Taking pride in his work ethic, dedication, ability to network, and hunger for success, I found out what motivates him to work towards a top notch DJ career.

“I feel that you can never reach a peak in anything. Even people who are great can always be better. My dream as a DJ is to be established to a point where I am able to give back and create my own legacy, creating my own business or doing something for the youth; leaving something behind that people know me by you know?”

We all are consumed with this idea that money is the motivation for any and everything that we do. But for this DJ, it’s more than that. “If money is the only reason why you do something, you don’t have a true passion for it,” he said and I couldn’t agree more.

After becoming the main DJ on Cheyney University’s campus, where he attends and taking the stage with French Montana at Cheyney’s Homecoming this year, DJ T-Millz is doing exactly what he strives to do; make a name for himself.

In 2011 Millz started DJing at Club Onyx, a number one hip hop strip club on Columbus Blvd in Philadelphia. After adapting to a different style of Djing he grew into his role at Onyx and the way it differed from his previous job at Shampoo; taking it on as another ongoing experience.



Now, DJ T-Millz has taken his talents on the road, being the newest tour DJ for Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (YMCMB). Concerts, club bookings, hosting at clubs and events, promotions and making sure everyone is up to date on the latest from YMCMB are some of the new responsibilities Millz has taken under his belt. His expectations from the label are high but he is confident they will take him “to another level of DJing,” says Millz.

“I’m expecting this to put me in a position where I have never been before. I consider myself a full time DJ, that’s what I do but I want them to take me to my profession, a business aspect of the game and of the industry.”

Of course there are perks to being a tour DJ, but aside from the free food and free cocktails Millz appreciates the part of his journey that is ongoing and getting him the respect that he works hard for.

“DJing has opened so many different doors and opportunities for me in the entertainment industry, without the DJ, artists’ music wouldn’t get played. So, with artists and even producers you gain an instant connection.”

When Millz is not traveling with YMCMB or working at Club Onyx he is working on a personal project; a video blog where he will be capturing his life as a DJ. Millz says he is focused now more than ever and he is finishing this year off strong so he can set new goals for himself for 2014 and so on.

You can follow DJ T-Millz on twitter @DJTMillz to keep up with him, YMCMB and to find out where he will be heading next on tour!!