DJ Premier’s “Bars in the Booth” is for SERIOUS SPITTERS ONLY! Session 1 & 2 featuring Papoose & Dres (of Black Sheep) verified as much!  For the uninitiated, “Bars in the Booth” is a new series Preemo has started which revolves around titan emcees of all genres coming thru and being put to the test over a DJ Premier track!

Simply put, “Bars in the Booth” isn’t about age, popularity, or how many Twitter followers you have; its about an Emcee and a DJ moving the crowd—and that is the definition of Hip-Hop.

For Session 3, Premier linked up with up with the Beardgang General himself— Jakk Frost!

You can go to Premier’s new website portal to view the new “Bars in the Booth” with Jakk Frost, or simply watch below!