Who knew DJ Mustard was so humble and genuine about his work?!

Mustard plays the ‘sanctified’ beat he created to break down the different kicks and sounds he used. He also explains the interesting fact that when Kanye called him in to listen to the changes he made to his beat, Mustard didn’t even recognize that it was his own because the sound was so different.

“Kanye just slowed it all the way down. ”

“The crazy shit about it is he did it and, I didn’t even know it was my beat. That’s how different it sounds.”

“I didn’t know he had did that. So, He could’ve just took it. I wouldn’t even have knew.”

Kanye completely slowed down the entire beat causing all the other sounds to slow. Then he added the sample over it.

The rising producer also speaks on a lot of interesting things. I found most of this interview to be extremely inspirational. This year the DJ’s biggest goal is to earn a GRAMMY and keep diversity so that his work may stay on top. Also addressing how amazing and important his mother was to his career, in allowing him to be who he was at all cost and even giving him the OK to reside at YG’s place.

I had NO idea DJ Mustard had the side he showed in this interview in him. I totally respect him.