Diddy Interviews with Marc Ecko

Sean “Diddy” Combs is a man of many talents and businesses, with his cable TV network Revolt being his latest venture. After being known as a successful music blog, and now taking it to the small screens of TVs, tablets and phones, Revolt is not yet available in every region of the United States, but that’s what makes it so exclusive and so valuable at the moment. Diddy sat with designer and Complex founder, Marc Ekco, about what it takes to “launch an empire”. A key moment of the interview is when Diddy refers to his idea of Revolt as the “CNN or ESPN of music”. Simply put, he saw a need that was not being met in the industry regarding prompt, accurate and rare music news, and he filled that need. An entirely digital platform for music and music news, Revolt is quickly solidifying its credo as “the new #1 name in music”.