I was browsing through the email, and I decided to take a chance on this, and I’m glad I did. Day X is a 19 year old, artist and producer from the DMV (DC to be exact). He learned how to bridge the gap between his struggle and finding redemption through his music. DAY X creates every element of each track. A few of his musical inspirations include Kid Cudi, Jay Z, Nas and Q-Tip.

There is definitely a story being told with this mixtape. I’m personally hooked on the song titled “5K“. The entire EP is self produced, and that says A LOT! Like…homie did his thing on the boards on some real. Peep the track, but also do make sure you purchase or at least listen to the entire EP. It doesn’t even take 20 minutes. Also, make sure you go through the soundcloud…there’s plenty to love in there.

Here’s what Day had to say about the project:

“This Ep was inspired by my recent struggles and also the birth of my nephew. In the Ep you will hear me talk a lot about what i’ve been through growing up and also what I’m going through on a daily. I put a lot of love and time into this, so if you come across it please share it you never know what life can be saved by listening to this 4 track EP”