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One of the best parts about covering Budweiser’s 2014 Made In America Festival in Philly was seeing Danny Brown perform live!!! He’s one of my favorite artists, and I love his style. DJ Skywalker is usually just as turnt as Danny is, and kept the crowd pumped for a couple minutes in anticipation for DB.

Once Skywalker dropped “Smokin & Drinkin”, it was on. Danny bounced on stage to the beat, with a bottle of Ace of Spades DB says was given to him by Hov, and I may have done a twerk or two in the photo pit. Speaking of which, I think I was the only camera person who was turnt and just having fun with the crowd. I was definitely getting some side eyes from the other paps, but just because I’m working doesn’t mean I can’t have fun, and I think Danny noticed 😉

There was rain, but the crowd still partied on, and Danny went even harder right along with us. What I love about the man is his rockstar quality. When he sticks out his tounge, I instantly fangirl and just melt. He’s like Prince! There were at least 5 white girls by me nae-nae’ing horribly to “25 Bucks”If anyone in Philly knows where to find Molly, DB also started his performance of “Dip” asking for her whereabouts. Take a look at the photos & videos below. All photo cred including cover photo goes to me!

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Smokin & Drinkin – Danny Brown

Danny Brown – 25 Bucks

Danny Brown – Dip

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