After her short-lived newfound fame among the younger “social media generation” following a meme that featured one of her most prolific sermons, Pastor Shirley Caesar has decided to add her 2 cents to gospel singer Kim Burrell‘s hateful anti-gay speech this week.

Last week, Kim Burrell addressed her congregation with a message that was anti-LGBTQ, calling the people “perverted” among other problematic things. The comments caused Burrell to have her invitation as a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show revoked. Degeneres is a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ cause, while identifying as a lesbian herself.

Just yesterday (1/4), footage surfaced of Pastor Caesar addressing her own congregation at First Baptist Church of Glenarden.

Caesar says, “You (Kim Burrell) should’ve said something 4 years ago when our President made that stuff alright!”

In case it’s unclear, “that stuff” refers to President Obama‘s landmark decision to legalize same-sex marriages. A longer version of the footage suggests that Shirley Caesar advises religious leaders to start collecting cell-phones at the door, lest their words get them in trouble via their sermons being recorded and placed on the internet.

Watch the videos below!


*The only commentary the author has on this topic is that you can’t expect “church people” (especially older Christians) to be accepting of the LGBTQ community. Hate speech is hate speech wherever it is spoken.