Over the weekend, NBA hot-head Matt Barnes got himself into a bit of a boxing match with Knicks head coach and former teammate, Derek Fisher.

This particular battle of fisticuffs began when Barnes caught wind of Fisher‘s many rendezvous with his estranged wife, Basketball Wives LA star, Gloria Govan. Although, Govan and Barnes are not officially divorced, Barnes made the motion for divorce in January of this year and the two have been separated — and in Gloria‘s case, seeing other people.

After an alleged phone call to Barnes from his and Gloria‘s 6-year-old twin boys alerting him to Fisher‘s presence in his former home, Barnes flew into a rage. He then began to make treks from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to teach Fisher a lesson about messing with his old old lady, according to a source.


According to the New York Post (NYP), a fight erupted at 11:45 p.m. between the 235-pound Barnes and the 6-1, 200-pound Fisher. Barnes interrupted at bonfire gathering of about 10 people as he laid into Fisher. Cops were called, but sources say that Fisher left before they arrived.

As if he couldn’t get anymore gross, Barnes texted a pal after the incident to gloat that not only had he assaulted Fisher, 41, but he also took revenge on Govan, one source said.
“I kicked his ass from the back yard to the front room, and spit in her face,” the text read, according to the source.

Derek Fisher was mysteriously absent from practice on Monday morning with the Knicks, due to “personal reasons.” It is confirmed that he will not press charges against Barnes. Speaking to NYP about the incident, Fisher says, “I’ve been through a lot in life. Sometimes, we go through things we can’t or can control. I’m here. I’m focused. It’s not something that’s going to take me away from what we’re trying to do.”

After that brutal Rihanna curve on Instagram, and now fighting with your ex-wife that YOU said “Peace!” to is dating your ex-teammate, we’re wondering who’s really on Barnes‘ team…

UPDATE: Matt Barnes issues a statement to ESPN

“I can’t believe people think I was some maniac driving 95 miles and listening to Tupac to go beat somebody up,” Barnes said. “No. I live 15 minutes away and I was going over to check on my kids because they seemed uncomfortable. That was my main reason for going over there.”