Cyssero (ATLASBWS) – The Hunger

Cyssero (ATLASBWS), Philadelphia Underground Rapper and former member of the Game’s (@thegame) rap label Black Wall Street; drops a video for a song off of his recent mix tape called “Reality Check”.

Seems like all these local Philadelphia rappers are trying to be smart by capitalizing off of Meek Mill’s fame. Ar-Ab (@ArAb_TGOP) got a major buzz after the Cassidy (@CASSIDY_LARSINY) Meek Mill (@MeekMill) beef. Cassidy himself also tried to benefit from the beef, dropping a few songs of his own after his diss records towards Meek Mill.

Now recently, two more local Philadelphia rappers seem to want to follow in their footsteps. Gillie Da Kid (@gilliedakid) dropped his record “King Me”, which he proclaims is not a diss record.

Now Cyssero drops his new video “The Hunger”, after a crazy diss record, recorded a few days ago, addressing Meek Mill.