Spitta is one of my favorite rappers, and that’s pretty easy to see why. He stays consistent with every release! I had high expectations for Bales, and he didn’t let me down. I’ve never been a huge Young Roddy fan, but he definitely proved himself to me with this project, and I salute him for what he did on “Certified”. My personal favorite track is “AD4”, which you can watch Spitta record here. I love that Spitta’s a car enthusiast, because he makes songs that sound flawless in the whip!!! When I tell you “Parking Lot Pimps” makes everyone stare at me at a red light, I’m speaking the truth. I’ve never felt so hood while riding past the playground! Sledgren beasted the production work as usual. Speaking of Sledg, he’s also been getting my attention, most recently when he produced Curren$y’s “I Can’t Stop” (not featured on this tape). Don’t miss this jet! This tape is definitely worth the download, but you MUST be going at least 70 mph to listen to it! (This DamagingTheStreets.com blogger is in no way responsible for any speeding tickets/accidents!)