ComPL3xX is a 20 year old artist from South Flawda. We’ve been getting a few Florida artists here on the site, and we love the sound we’re hearing. I especially love the concept behind Com’s newest drop called “Narcissism“. For those who don’t read, the Greek legend of Narcissus is that of a man who falls in love with his own reflection in a pool of water after discovering he’s just so damn fine.

“I want people to be able get dressed in the morning to this song. The idea of it is a mixture between Genesis 1:27 and the ancient Greek legend of Narcissus. I actually came up with it while pondering if it was really all that outrageous for Lil B to say “I look like Jesus” back when he was first coming out and then I remembered that one of the first things the bible tells us is that we look like God. My hope is to either a) encourage a boost in self esteem in the listener or b) offend them somehow.”


Look out for the full project PHOENIX coming out soon!