With J.Cole’s third album: Forest Hills Drive being the highest selling hip hop album of 2014 the rapper has been recently under the media spotlight.  This week Cole sat down for a podcast interview with the Combat Jack Show and spoke on numerous topics outside of his newest masterpiece; from his personal life to Iggy Azalea and his interest in signing Kendrick Lamar.  The lyrical genius still seemed in shock by the popularity of his third studio album even though he admits that this was some of his best work.

When asked about the song “Fire Squad” where J. Cole seems to be “dissing” artists like Eminem and and the Aussie emcee Iggy Azalea he said in the podcast interview: “I’d never go at Eminem. It’s not even Iggy Azalea’s fault, she’s chasing her dream. It doesn’t matter the quality of her music but I have to comment, it’s my job to tell you what’s on my mind in the slickest way ever…When history is told Macklemore is in them books, Iggy Azalea’s in them books.”

The North Carolina rapper looks back to 2010 when he was first introduced to Kendrick Lamar.  He wanted to work with and sign the Top Dawg Entertainment rapper and never expected Lamar to go platinum before himself.  Listen to the full two hour interview below.