FashionSizzleBK-0124-XLThis past week myself along with DTS editor Harley, decided to spend the weekend in New York to catch a glimpse at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). And it was a weekend to be had. To read more about that you can check out Harley’s post here. After the getting lost on the way to a showing, or spending at least in hour shopping. We calmed are selves down, had a few drinks and began composing and editing out posts. But before the weekend was over we had one last stop to make. And it was in Brooklyn. No natives to the city it took us awhile to get acquainted with our route. But we made it. And on time no less. The event was a viewing of Fashion Sizzles: Makings of A Dream Documentary at the Roulette theater. It was a detailed telling, not only about Fashion Sizzle and what it is. But also about young and upcoming designers who, without the right connections in the fashion industry are trying to make it none the less. At the root of every business, it all starts with the right connections. And Fashion Sizzle strives to give that to designers who may not have the money or the right connect to put on a major showcase during NYFW. The documentary also shines a spot light on race inequality in the fashion. Which, in coincidence, also happens to be discussed upon in Vogue‘s new podcast hosted by Andre Leon Tally and the first episodes stars Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour.

The documentary, while not as huge as other events taking place during NYFW, was one that should definitely be seen. And is one that is needed. It not only encourages designers but serves to encourage anyone no matter what field of work they dream of entering and conquering. The documentary and the crew behind it serve as activists in perseverance. Teaching designers, models, PR persons, and any other hard working individual that giving up is never an option, that planning and dedication will work if you really want it. Your goal is always just a foot step away. Check out the documentary and support indie artist, designers, and everyone else who has a dream. And while you’re at it, check out a few photos of  Fashion Sizzle in the gallery below.

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